EBS 7200

O EBS – 7200 έχει σχεδιαστεί ειδικά για εφαρμογές εκτύπωσης υψηλής ταχύτητας, όπως η εκτύπωση σε καλώδια και γραμμές εμφιάλωσης με ταχύτητες έως 495m/min . Διαθέτει ακροφύσιο 50 μm που έχει δυνατότητα να εκτύπωση κείμενο από 1.2 έως 9 χιλιοστά. Στην στάνταρ έκδοση, ο EBS – 7200 είναι εξοπλισμένος  με iModule πυρήνα 8.000 ωρών.

Print Matrix: 16-dot, 25-dot and 32-dot models
Lines of print: with a minimum of 1-dot space between lines:
up to 4 lines for a 7×5 character matrix
up to 5 lines for a 5×5 character matrix
without any space between lines:
up to 6 lines for a 5×5 character matrix
Nozzle size: 50 micron
Character sizes: 5×5, 7×4, 7×5, 9×5, 9×7, 11×7, 12×6, 12×7, 14×9, 16×9, 16×10, 16×14, 21×15, 25×15, 32×18
Barcodes & 2D codes: All common 1D codes included as standard; 2D Datamatrix ECC-200
Graphics: graphics of any length and a height of up to 32 dots to be inserted at any point of a text to be printed (a built-in graphics processor)
Print speed: up to 495m/min (1 line – 5×5 matrix_)
Print direction: Any direction (omni-directional printhead)
Print distance: 1mm – 15 mm
Umbilical cable: 3m, ultra-flexible, smooth surface, optional 4m and 6m cables –
minimum cable bend radius: 75mm.
Operator interface: Equipped with an air tight, splash proof, chemicals resistant alphanumerical keyboard and a big (145 mm / 5.7”) touch control LCD (touch screen)
Solvent consumption: Typically 200hours per litre
Ink consumption: 70 million 7×5 dot chrs/litre with standard nozzle, 140 million with 50 micron nozzle
iModule core: Supplied with 8,000 hours / 18 months
Controller dimensions: 300 x 211 x 458mm (W x D x H)
Electrical supply: input rating:
AC 100÷240V at 50/60 Hz;
0.65 – 0.3 A for standard version
Environmental: +5 to +40 degrees C @ up to 90% humidity (non condensing)


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