EBS 6800P

Out of a wide range of printer capabilities, only the most important ones are specified below:

Contrast overprint
The pigment inks used in our printers, such as white or yellow ink, allow print on a variety of dark substrates. Other inks, such as green or blue ink, allow high contrast and good coverage overprint of any surfaces, also work well on multi-colored substrates.
Efficiency and durability of printing
EBS pigment inks have excellent adhesion to many difficult surfaces, while retaining the durability required by many applications. Excellent for printing on cables, rubber hoses and plastic articles, insulating sleeves, and also on all other surfaces where the use of homogeneous (non-pigment) inks gives unsatisfactory intensity and contrast.
Very simple-changing of consumables & iModule
The EBS-6800P printer is fitted with an integrated ink system, which can be changed in 3 simple steps in less than a minute: Open the flap, remove used iModule®, insert new iModule® – done! No technician and no tools needed. Equally, the quick change of ink and solvent bottles works in the same way. No interruption of printing, no unscrewing of the bottle cap and no dirty fingers: Remove the used bottle, insert the new one – click!
Ecological and efficient
Environmentally friendly – the undisputed feature of the EBS-6800P BOLTMARK® I series printer. An extremely low power consumption (only 22 watts) creates a new quality in the CIJ printers segment. Low consumption of consumables provides EBS-6800P printer with a leading position among eco-friendly marking devices.
Print Matrix: 16-dot, 25-dot and 32-dot models
Lines of print: 2-5
Nozzle size: 60 micron standard, 50 micron ‘micro’ nozzle optional
Character sizes: from 1.4 to 12 mm
Barcodes & 2D codes: All common 1D codes included as standard; 2D Datamatrix ECC-200
Graphics: 16, 25 or 32 dots high – built-in graphics editor included as standard
Print speed: Up to 2083 cps (1 line 5×5) or 792 cps (4 lines 7×4)
Print direction: Any direction (omni-directional printhead)
Print distance: Up to 30mm
Umbilical cable: 3m, ultra-flexible, smooth surface, optional 4m and 6m cables –
minimum cable bend radius: 75mm.
Operator interface: 5.7”/144.8 mm touchscreen & membrane keyboard
Solvent consumption: Typically 200hours per litre
Ink consumption: 70 million 7×5 dot chrs/litre with standard nozzle, 140 million with 50 micron nozzle
Fluid containers: 900ml quick-change cartridge – no need to stop printing
iModule core: Supplied with 6000 hour core, 4000, 6000 or 8000 hour replacements available
Controller dimensions: 300 x 211 x 458mm (W x D x H)
Electrical supply: ‑ supply voltage: 100 ‑ 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. ‑ max. current consumption (in normal working conditions): 0.65 ‑ 0.3 A.
Environmental: +5 to +40 degrees C @ up to 90% humidity (non condensing)

Short Description

EBS-6800P is an industrial single-head INK-JET printer designed for labeling of objects moving on a factory conveyor without requiring direct contact. Prints are produced with colored pigment-based inks. The feature that differentiates this printer from others is the fact that it does not need to be supplied from a compressed air system.

Printers on offer differ in maximum print height (MPH, the maximum height of a vertical row) which can be 16, 25 or 32 dots.

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