EBS 6600

The EBS 6600 is available at various maximum print heights, which can be 16 or 25 dots.

Eco-friendly and efficient
The indisputable feature of the BOLTMARK II series printers. An exceptionally low power consumption (only 19 watts) creates a new quality in the CIJ printer sector. The low consumption of consumables provides the BOLTMARK II printers the leading position among the green markers.

Very simple change of consumables & iModule
The EBS BOLTMARK II series is equipped with an integrated ink system, which can be changed in 3 easy steps in less than a minute: Open the flap, remove the used iModule, insert the new iModule. That’s it!
No technician is required and no tools needed. Similarly, rapid change of ink and solvent bottles works in the same way. The printing is not interrupted, the bottle cap is unscrewed and there are no smudges: Remove the used bottle and insert the new one in no time.

Protection class IP55 and IP65
IP55 available as standard or IP65 (optional) – High protection of the housing from water and dust that guarantees high reliability of the printer for a long time. The keyboard, screen and sockets are protected against chemical and water spraying.

ACPS (optional)
Global innovation: For the first time in CIJ an intelligent system for reliable printer operation in case of power failure. In the event of power failure for less than 30 seconds, the printer continues to operate. If the power is interrupted for more than 30 seconds, the printer starts the automatic shutdown process, including rinsing, to protect the tubes from dry ink deposits. Once the power is restored, the printer is turned back on very quickly. ACPS is available as an option.

Print Matrix: 16-dot and 25-dot models
Lines of print: 1-3
Barcodes & 2D codes: All common 1D codes included as standard; 2D Datamatrix ECC-200
Graphics: ‑ edited with graphics editor.
‑ its maximum height is determined by a selected text profile.
Print speed: Up to 2083 cps (1 line 5×5)
Print direction: Any direction (omni-directional printhead)
Print distance: Up to 30mm
Umbilical cable: 3m, ultra-flexible, smooth surface, optional 4m and 6m cables –
minimum cable bend radius: 75mm.
Compressed air supply: not required!!!
Operator interface: a built-in terminal equipped with an air tight, splash proof, chemicals resistant alphanumerical keyboard and a big touch control LCD (touch screen)
Connectivity: – USB, current efficiency 300 mA,
‑ PHOTO: photodetector input,
‑ SHAFT: shaft-encoder input,
‑ optional connections (e.g. RS-232).
IP Protection class: Printer casing (excluding the printhead):
‑ IP55 (standard),
‑ IP65 (an option; with external air supply).
Ink Type: non‑pigment, based on methyl-ethyl ketone or ethanol
Fluid containers: 900ml quick-change cartridge – no need to stop printing
iModule core: Supplied with 6000 hour core, 4000, 6000 or 8000 hour replacements available
Controller dimensions: 300 x 211 x 458mm (W x D x H)
Electrical supply: ‑ supply voltage: 100 ‑ 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. ‑ max. current consumption (in normal working conditions): 0.65 ‑ 0.3 A.
Environmental: +5 to +40 degrees C @ up to 90% humidity (non condensing)



Short Description

The EBS-6600 is an industrial printer with a printhead designed to mark objects on a conveyor belt without direct contact. Prints with color inks without dyes. It stands out because it does not need to be powered by a compressed air system.

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