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  • ANSER U2 Mobile

    The smallest portable printer in the world. U2 Mobile is portable, light and very easy to use. Very light, weighing about 1kg with color LCD screen 2,8 inch, SD memory card slot, remote controller and battery with long operation times.

  • EBS 250

    Many items are too large or bulky to print on with a traditional fixed-position inkjet printer. The EBS-250 Handjet portable inkjet printer has been specifically designed to provide a convenient solution for printing text and graphics onto large porous and non-porous products. A wide range of ink types and colours is available including white and yellow opaque inks for marking dark products.

  • EBS 260

    Τhe EBS-260 has been developed to add a greater level of control and a larger print height. The integrated touch screen can be used to create print messages, preview messages, enter variable data and adjust print settings on the fly. Up to 4 lines of text can be printed in one pass with an overall height of 57mm and a choice of 4 ink colors.