If your product is pressure sensitive and its surface requires gentle marking using the right ink – you won’t find a better solution. Our printers working in the Ink-Jet technology are constructions based on the non-contact printing method, which is characterized, among others, by:

  • no mechanical contact of the head with the surface,
  • minimum droplet size,
  • minimum area of ​​influence of the ink components on the surfaces,
  • fast evaporating solvents are used in the inks,
  • aromatic hydrocarbons are not used in inks.

Thanks to this, Ink-Jet technology can be used to mark surfaces with a delicate structure and limited resistance to solvents.

EBS printers mark every surface. Properly selected ink will provide clear, but safe prints for the surface, without worrying about unsightly pits or stains.

Suggested printers: EBS-230, EBS-250, EBS-260, EBS-1500, EBS-6500, EBS-6600, EBS-6800, EBS-6800P, EBS-6900, EBS-7200

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